This Is Why … Mother Nature is a physics genius!

Have you ever found yourself lying on the lawn on a summer day, absentmindedly examining the dandelions there? The cheerful yellow flowers, bowing their heads under the weight of bumblebees feeding on their nectar. A nearby collection that has gone to seed, with dense pods at the base of long, delicate stems and a bundleContinue reading “This Is Why … Mother Nature is a physics genius!”

This Is Why… penguins can fly!

(but the landing isn’t pretty) Emperor penguins are portly creatures. That’s a good thing – all that bulk is a great way to stay warm when it’s -30°C. The downside (pun intended) is that they are not the most nimble of birds when moving around on the ground, especially since they have relatively short hindContinue reading “This Is Why… penguins can fly!”