This Is Why … Romanesco broccoli is the nerdiest veg (IMHO)

Broccoli can be something of an acquired taste, with children everywhere staging dinner-table standoffs with their parents over this dreaded veg. But whether you like the taste or not, it’s hard to argue with the aesthetic appeal of this particular variant – the Romanesco broccoli. On closer inspection, the distinctive spiral is actually a repeatingContinue reading “This Is Why … Romanesco broccoli is the nerdiest veg (IMHO)”

This Is Why… penguins can fly!

(but the landing isn’t pretty) Emperor penguins are portly creatures. That’s a good thing – all that bulk is a great way to stay warm when it’s -30°C. The downside (pun intended) is that they are not the most nimble of birds when moving around on the ground, especially since they have relatively short hindContinue reading “This Is Why… penguins can fly!”

This Is Why … auroras are only found at the poles

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing the northern lights in person, you know that words do not do them justice. The auroras (aurora borealis in the north, aurora australis in the south) are beautiful and haunting, moving across the night sky as ethereal light. The displays are typically green, but occasionally you’ll seeContinue reading “This Is Why … auroras are only found at the poles”

This Is Why … I’m Writing

Let’s face it, physics has an image problem. If we were to play a little word association game, what are the first words that comes to mind when I say “physics”? boring hard math-y (i.e. see points 1 and 2!) Or, if we play an image association game, what are the first things you pictureContinue reading “This Is Why … I’m Writing”