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Welcome to my explorations of the natural world, all through the lens of physics. How are broccoli and image analysis connected, or pollination and electric shocks? Read on!

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This is Why … Igloos Are An Incredible Example of Human Ingenuity

Our amazing crew at Royal City Science has been brainstorming ideas for travelling exhibits that we can take to schools, festivals, Farmers’ Markets, etc. to share our passion for all things STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics), while we fundraise to build a permanent home in Guelph. A blog post from the NFB recentlyContinue reading “This is Why … Igloos Are An Incredible Example of Human Ingenuity”

This Is Why … I have a love/hate relationship with #IWD

Last month, the world celebrated the 7th annual International Day of Women and Girls in Science (IDWGS). I was honoured to be featured by my institution for my work in fostering the natural curiosity of young girls through our fun video series, among other initiatives. I LOVE talking and doing science with kids, so gettingContinue reading “This Is Why … I have a love/hate relationship with #IWD”

This is Why … Ducklings Form Single-File Flotillas Behind Mumma

This adorable example of everyday physics took me entirely by surprise. We’ve all seen a sweet little floating parade in the springtime at our local river or pond, with a mumma duck or goose followed closely by a line of babies paddling quickly to keep up. But I never really noticed that the spacings ofContinue reading “This is Why … Ducklings Form Single-File Flotillas Behind Mumma”

This is Why … My Zen Space Sometimes Smells Like Cotton Candy

(Alt text – A cotton candy vendor walking under the forest canopy during a morning in Bardiya National Park in Nepal, light filtering through the canopy. By Gaurav Aryal, Shutterstock.com) Like everyone else, the start of the new school year has been incredibly stressful for me. Going for walks in the arboretum on campus has beenContinue reading “This is Why … My Zen Space Sometimes Smells Like Cotton Candy”


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I’m Joanne O’Meara, a professor in the Department of Physics at the University of Guelph. I’ve been teaching university-level physics for more than 20 years and doing public outreach for even longer! My passion for teaching and learning has been recognized with many awards, including the Canadian Association of Physicists Medal for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching (2011) and a 3M National Teaching Fellowship award (2019). I’m always looking for ways to share the amazing world of physics – you can also follow me on Twitter (@NeutronJo). Thanks for visiting!

Proudly part of the vibrant Canada-wide community of science writers and communicators known as Science Borealis!

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